Prevent Revenue Losses by Setting up a True Real Time Charging System

To say that the telecom sector is full of competition is quite an understatement. Apart from the prominent service providers, you also have a plethora of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that offer their services at highly affordable rates.

If you run one such network, you would know how difficult it is to meet your bottom line in this environment. Unhappy customers can switch to a different provider at a moment’s notice. But happier clients are just as tricky when it comes to maintaining brand loyalty. You need to keep offering state of the art solutions that excite your customers and keep them from leaving your service for a competitor.

An essential service such as real time charging can prove quite handy in appealing to your clients. With its transparent billing, minimal errors, and faster service, a real-time charging system is precisely what you need to bring your services to the forefront in your customer’s minds.

What is Real Time Charging?

Real-time charging solutions h…

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Getting MVNO Solutions That Work


How an Online Charging System Can Help You Save Costs

A telecom billing system may serve you well, but it may not be able to meet every new requirement. Let’s say, you don’t have a pre-existing partnership with a shipping vendor but you need one to ship your IoT SIMs. In this case, you may choose to customize the software but it is a costly investment. A better way to deal with such situations is to partner with a telecom services provider that can issue an API that immediately lets you partner with a shipping vendor and also lets you manage the partnership and all the related transactions. As APIs help address particular requirements without taking drastic steps like buying a new software solution, they are far more economically viable in such scenarios. Convergent billingCustomers of today seek complete transparency in billing. This can only be done if you employ cloud-based solutions that come with a centralized charging system like an OCS. An OCS charges all the services – both event-based and session-based – at the same place. This a…

Why You Need Convergent Charging to Maximize Telecom Profits?

The rapid changes in the telecom industry have made the task of telcos extremely difficult. The disruption caused by the increased use of OTT (over the top) services has been a huge factor in the diminishing profits of some of the biggest telecom operators across the globe. To make up for the lost revenue, telecom companies are looking to launch new services across different verticals. However, managing such an effort is not simple, not unless you have best telecom billing systems at your disposal. Make the Most of Telecom Billing Services to Launch New Services FastNo all telecom operators are blessed with in-house development teams that can devise new billing systems to meet the emerging requirements of their business. Some operators are still using older IN based billing systems that are not efficient at all. These systems act like a bottleneck and prevent a telecom operator from bringing his new services in the market on time. This compromises their best laid plans to exploit curre…

Take Advantage Of Mvno - Read These Tips

Starting an MVNO is a good initiative to generate high revenue with good marketing skills. Maximize your earning with full MVNO solutions for budding businesses.

The popularity of MVNOs is consistently on the rise. By 2018 there were more than 1,200 MVNOs all over the world, majority of which are in Europe. The number of MVNO clients is expected to double from 2018 to 2019. So if you are thinking of starting an MVNO go ahead. The following are reasons why you should start an MVNO.
How MVNOs Work MVNOs work with smaller customer groups compared to traditional mobile operators. This means their income is limited to specific segments. However, any company/individual that engages this business has the advantage of gaining other income sources. It can be a great opportunity when it is aligned with the organization’s core business.
Let’s look at the example of a branded reseller model. In this case the legacy network operator offers technical services such as customer service, b…